Los Angeles based photographer Lauren Keskinel took the long road to photography and her work reflects the vast array of experiences that have led her there. She spent the early part of her professional life working on movie sets, learning the ins and outs of production with the likes of everything from dinosaurs to demons. After completing a degree in International Development, she traveled extensively, visiting twenty-three countries across six continents. Lauren also has a passion for sports and adventure. Having been a competitive snowboarder and horseback rider throughout her life, she spent many years chasing winters across the globe and now frequently finds herself dodging galloping horses as she shoots them jumping fences in top level competitions.

When not working in the world of sports and entertainment, Lauren enjoys partnering with organizations to help document their humanitarian efforts, both domestically and abroad. Her work has been recognized through numerous awards including PDN’s Photobook Cali and the APA Awards. She was also a proud participant in the Eddie Adams Workshop XXIV. Lauren's background and experience give her a unique perspective and passion for the people and places she shoots.